About US

Kitise.co.uk is 7 years in the making. Although it seems to be a newly formed company, we started selling our products even before deciding to formally establish the brand Kitise. We want to share our creativity, passion, and craft and to bring awareness that quality does not always carry a steep price.  


How We Started 

We started making handbags in 2016 for a few clients. Their wonderful feedback gave us the inspiration to continue designing and producing handbags. All members of this family-owned company dedicated their time and effort to make sure that each product is of high quality—from materials to the finished handbag. Our small operation guarantees that each gift bag, wedding clutch, and leather bags are beautifully crafted just the way customers like them. 


Mission and Vision 

Our mission and vision for Kitise include sustaining the high standard of quality while expanding to new lines such as accessories and dresses. Our experience in design and manufacturing, as well as being part of an e-commerce business for 5 years, is helpful in forming our vision of offering excellent products and customer service.  


We believe that keeping the business within the family is the key to our success and ensures customer satisfaction. Through our hard work and dedication, we were able to establish a client base in Manchester, UK. Now, we want to offer our products to more women who want quality without the steep price.  


We wouldn’t have made it this far without the generous and awesome reviews and feedback of our satisfied customers, thereby leading to the formal establishment of the company and brand. We want to keep the family business vibe and work culture to ensure that the material handling, manufacturing, and actual products remain top of the line at reasonable price ranges. 


Visit the Product Page for detailed look into our product offerings. Kitise.co.uk products are for discerning women with style and for those who dare to be different.